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Admission Charges (One time)

  • Admission Fee =========== Rs. 25,000/-

  • Annual Maintenance  ======  Rs. 19,000/-

  • Security =============== Rs. 30,000/-

  • Kit Money ============== Rs. 71,000/-

                                             Total=== Rs. 145,000/-

Term Fee School Session (8th , 9th & 10th)

  • First Term (April to July) ===========Rs. 125,472/-

  • Second Term (August to November)===Rs. 125,472/-

  • Third Term (December to March)======Rs. 125,472/-

Term Fee College Session (11th & 12th)

  • First Term (April to July) ===========Rs. 139,522/-

  • Second Term (August to November)===Rs. 139,522/-

  • Third Term (December to March)======Rs. 139,522/-


Scholarships for wards of WAPDA Employees Only.

Scholarships for WAPDA Employees' Wards will be awarded at the rates given below, specified by the Authority.

  • BPS 1 to 15 ----- Rs.5000/- per month

  • BPS 16 and above ------ Rs.4000/- per month

After parents meet the necessary requirements, the department where they work will pay them as per policy.

Fee Rules

  • Will be charged from the Cadets as approved by the College BOG and notified from time to time for School & College sections.

  • All fee & funds, including admission fee, annual maintenance, security, kit money etc., once paid are not refundable and manner of its spending is not accounted for the Parents.

  • If a Cadet leaves the College during the session on his own will/parent’s request, no fee/funds will be refunded. Security fee will also not be refunded.

  • If a Cadet is expelled / stuck off from the College by the College Discipline Committee, Security & the remaining fee & funds will be reimbursed.

  • If a Cadet is absent without official leave (AWOL) or over stay leave (OSL) and does not join the College but later on submits the request for withdrawal, in that case parents will have to pay the fee on the basis of the total number of months unattended in that term.

  • If, at the time of reporting at the College, a cadet is found medically unfit by the WAPDA Hospital Tarbela, the fee deposited will be refunded.

  • If a student reserved a seat for admission and he does not join the college at all after having been selected and having paid admission fees, nothing will be refunded, as he has wasted College seat for complete session.

  • If dues are not paid within due date, a fine at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day for first 10 days and Rs. 100/- per day for the next 10 days will be levied. Defaulters thereafter are liable to be withdrawn from the College.

  • Re-Admission, if approved, will be made on payment of admission fee in addition to the fine imposed.

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