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There are five hostels which accommodate approximately 550 cadets. The five hostels are named as Omar House, Liaqat House, Jinnah House, Iqbal House and Sir Syed House. All the rooms are equipped with cupboards, study tables, study chairs and bed. Each house is controlled by a House Master who is assisted by Assistant House Master and House Tutor.

Sports Fields

Sports form an integral part of education of Cadets. Cadets are encouraged to engage themselves, in extra curricular activities. Regular inter-house competitions are held which include indoor, outdoor and field events. Sports activities are also arranged with other sister institutions


Spacious Mess Halls with all catering facilities lie close to the hostel building, where balanced meals are served to the cadets. The menu is prepared by the cadets themselves. Special diet is also catered on medical advice.

Medical Facility

WAPDA Hospital, located about 500 meters from the College campus provides medical cover to the cadets. WAPDA Hospital Tarbela is equipped with essential facilities and specialists’ doctors of all necessary fields available to take care of the cadets in case of illness / emergency. WAPDA Cadet College has Medical Inspection (MI) Room with appropriate medical staff for providing round the clock medical care to the cadets.


College Library is adequately stocked with standard books relating to the subjects of English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pak Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology and General Knowledge. Standard reference books on the above subjects are available too besides prescribed text books. College Library has been equipped with latest encyclopedia Britannica and magazines & periodicals of national repute. In each calendar of year, new books of each subject are added to cater Cadets with ever changing time.

24 House Electricity

WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela is equipped with uninterrupted electricity supply from Tarbela Dam Power House. As such, cadets can continue their daily routine throughout the year without any anxiety of electricity shutdown.

Water Purification Plant

Cadets are provided with pure chlorinated fresh water. College installed Chlorination plant for the purification of water and two separate water tanks to fulfil the needs of the cadets and college

Security System

College is completely secured and well-guarded through an efficient security system. The safety and security of the cadets is our first rated priority. Every efforts has been made to ensure fool proof security and further efforts are in the pipeline. College hired ex-SSG Commandos to enhance the security of the College.


College laboratories meet the Federal Board Islamabad requirements. Keeping in view the importance of Computer knowledge, the college provides computer literacy compulsory. College has well-furnished, airconditioned and equipped with latest generation computer lab including internet facility for fulfil the needs of the cadets. College also installed Interactive Smart Board in the Labs for visual classes

Morning Exercises & PT

To ensure level of physical fitness and agility of all cadets, morning P.T is organized on daily basis except Sunday. The morning P.T is conducted by highly qualified P.T Staff. Games and sports are integral parts of cadets’ mental and physical fitness. A special games period is an indispensable part included in the daily schedule to provide all the students an opportunity to take part in sports of their choice

Assault Course

In 2018, The Principal visited the ISSB Centre at Gujranwala to see the layout plan of their Assault Course. Employing our own manpower and resources, the College has raised an excellent assault course for the benefit of our Cadets

General Assembly 

A general assembly is held every Friday which is attended by the entire staff and Cadets. Cadets are encouraged to participate in the various activities viz-a-viz Talawat, Na’at and speak on topics of general knowledge. This forum also provides the principal to talk regular to the Cadets

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