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Mission & Objective

The College was established with a view to achieve academic excellence but being a full-time residential institution, it focuses on the overall personality grooming of the cadets. Therefore, alongwith academic pursuits, physical training, sports and games, extra & co-curricular activities, motivational sessions and seminars are regularly held for physical, mental and psychological enhancement of the cadets.

In the same spirit, WCCT is fully conscious to the fact that discipline and character are the core values, without which the dream of producing useful citizens, exhibiting integrity and patriotism can never be realized. For that, the college believes in “no compromise policy on discipline” and every possible measure is taken to produce such refined citizens who are high in discipline and strong in character. To achieve that, the college prefers to utilize counselling techniques. Thus, regular counselling sessions are organised to motivate the cadets towards adopting a more positive behaviour, to create an optimistic outlook on the realities of life and to face the challenges ahead with courage, perseverance and steadfastness.

Being one of the top result-producing institutions of the Federal Board, WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela is now ranked as one of the leading residential colleges of the country.

Equipped with outstanding academic credentials, leadership skills and a sense of national pride, the ex-cadets of WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela are now serving in all walks of life which bespeaks high standards and academic excellence of their alma mater.  

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