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Rules & Regulations

Discipline Rules


Minior Violations

  • Slackness on Drill, PT, Games untidy turn out, being late, failure to return game’s equipment etc.

  • Inattentiveness and disorderly behavior in the class, failure to do the assigned work, causing disturbance while moving towards class room, bad etiquette in the mess, violation of College rules / routine.

  • Untidy beds and cupboards disrespectful to seniors.

  • Any member of the staff can be deputed to award upto maximum 3 extra drill at a time or stoppage of three excursion trips. Award will be communicated to VP for execution

Minor Punishments

  • Calling on report and standing quiet for 15 minutes

  • 30 Front roles on grassy lawn.

  • Pushups.

  • Can recommend following punishment to VP:-

            a.         Extra Drill

            b.         Stoppage of  Excursion Trip

Expulsion / Withdrawal from the College. 

Cadets guilty of the following offences are liable to be expelled / with drawn from the college:-

  1. Cheating, Stealing, gambling,  .

  2. Willfully and deliberately damaging the College property.

  3. Keeping firearms or knives of large size.

  4. Rudeness to staff.

  5. Rude behavior of Cadets parents towards staff.

  6. Absenting from the class and any other College activities without proper cause.

  7. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.

  8. Smoking, use of narcotics in any form.

  9. Consistently giving a poor performance in academics.

  10. Use of unfair means in test / examinations, even assisting others in it.

  11. Guilty of any act of indiscipline/ misconduct.

  12. Violation of College rules by Cadets or their Parents.

  13. Continuous absence of more than 7 days without any valid reason


a.         The Following are strictly forbidden:-

      (1)       Smoking

      (2)       The use of medicines not authorized by the Medical Officer.

      (3)       Fighting or horseplay of any kind.

      (4)       Funning on the veranda.

      (5)       Disfiguring or defacing college property.

      (6)       Lending or borrowing of money.

      (7)       The use of bearers as private servants.

b. All waste paper and other waste material must be placed in dustbins provided for the purpose.

c. English will be spoken at all times, except during classes devoted to the study or Urdu / Islamiyat. Those found speaking any other language would be required to give a short lecture of 2 minutes before the Cadets.

d. Cadet will observe the customary practice of greeting:

      1.         All members of the staff on all occasions.

      2.         Senior Cadets on the first occasion of the meeting.

      3.         Visitors to the College.

e. All college servants are to be treated with respect.

f.  On every Sunday, immediately after breakfast all cadets will clean their dormitories, rooms under supervision of the seniors.

g. Cadet must be in their respective house at the following times:

      1.         From Light Out until reveille the next morning.

      2.         From after Zuhar Prayers to the end of Rest Period.

      3.         Immediately after Isha Prayers, in case of juniors and after second Prep in case of seniors.

h. Unless authorized by a member of staff, no Cadet is allowed to return to his house during meal times, class hours, P.T, Games Period and College Functions.

i.  Complete Silence will be observed in the house:

     1       From Light out until reveille next morning.

     2       During Rest Time.

     3       During Preps.

j.  Cadets must be in their dormitories / rooms, not less than 10 minutes before lights out, and they must get into bed before lights are put out.

k. The Contents of the cupboards must be arranged neatly, cupboards should be ready for inspection at any time.

l.  Each cadet will be responsible for the following.

     1       Laying out his bed properly before morning PT and after the rest period.

     2       Polishing his shoes after dinner and cleaning his PT shoes before evening shower.

     3       Reporting to the Housemaster any loss of, or damage to any item of kit.

     4       Visitors are not allowed in the house

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