Entrance Examination for Admission to Class VIII - Session 2021



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APRIL 29, 2021

Government of Pakistan has permitted the reopening of all educational institutions in phases. In the light of the above decision, Cadets will report to the College on Thursday April 29, 2021 before 1100 hrs. Cadets must bring all documents conveyed earlier at the time of reporting to the College. In case of non-provision of the documents at the time of entry into the college, candidate will not be admitted.

                        Parents must ensure that the following SOP are strictly followed.

All Cadets will be admitted to the College only on presenting of a Covid-19 Free Certificate (PCR Test Report) from a recognized laboratory. Strict checking will e conduced at the main gate upon arrival.

All Cadets must reach the College on April 29, 2021 before 1100 hrs.

All cades must bring with them a handful stock of KN95 masks (white).

If possible, parents are requested to drop their children themselves. Kindly avoid sending your son/ward on public transport.

Cadets will not be allowed to meet anyone for the months of April & May. Parents are requested not to insist as such.

Kindly instruct your son/ward to keep a fair distance from others and wear his mask at all times. He must report to the College authorities in case he has fever of has other symptoms related to Covid-19.

All parents are requested to pray for the safety of our cadets, staff and all employees. On our part, all hostels, mess and classrooms has been disinfected with ani-covid sodium hypo spray. At the same time, Covid-19 test have been conducted on all our teaching staff and employees. I was happy to say, all have tested negative and by the Grace of Allah are fit and free from any Covid infection.


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